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Monthly update on the information about the Computer Infrastructure in KVs as on last day of the previous month(31.08.2018) Format – I (Computer Infrastructure)

S. No. Name of the KV No. of  Computer Labs No. of Computer labs. having LAN connectivity Internet connectivity
(Yes / No)
Broadband connectivity
(Yes / No)
01 Dewas 03 02 Yes Yes
-- -- Speed : 2 mbps
T O T A L 03 02 yes yes

Format – II (Functioning of E-mail of KVs):

S. No. Name of the KV E-mail address Is E-mail address functional?
(Yes / No)
Date on which last E-mail was sent / received
01 KVDewas Yes daily

Format – III(Functioning of websites of KVs):

S. No. Name of the KV Has KV its own website?
(Yes / No)
If yes, its address Is it regularly updated?
(Yes / No)
Date on which it was last updated
01 Dewas Yes Yes as per guidelines

Format – IV (Student Computer Ratio):

S. No. Name of the KV Total no. of students Total no. of  computers Student Computer Ratio
(No. of students divided by no. of computers)
01 Dewas 1427 96 14.86
T O T A L 1427 96 14.86

Format – V  (Teachers trained in the use of Computers)

S. No. Name of the KV Total no. of teachers No. of  teachers trained in the use of Computers under the programme ‘EDUTECH’ or otherwise
1 Dewas 42 42
T O T A L 42 42




Kendriya Vidyalaya Dewas is  set for a major transformation in ICT, Vidyalaya is planning to provide  an ICT-enabled learning environment.For this transformation vidyalaya is having total no of 94 computers accommodate in primary,secondary and senior secondary  computer labs .  computers are also  installed in Physics,chemistry,biology , junior science lab ,primary resource room ,office and library with the facility of   e-Library.

The e-classroom project has been adopted for computer lab ,junior science lab with the facility of LCD  projectors, interactive white boards and internet connectivity. broadband facility with LAN connectivity is provided in computer lab and in all other  departments. The internet facility has made   learning process easier for students . They enjoy  e-Learning, interactive learning and video lessons.

KVS is providing the e-Contents through the CD in the vidyalaya and running many e-Learning portal for  students  .Students can get updated informations and encyclopedia,dictionary and other tools from the internet. Along with this teacher’s training program were also organized time to time for their professional growth .Training provided   for the interactive board functions,e-Content,e-Learning etc.As per the schedule  teachers can prepare their lesson plans ,presentations ,quiz etc with the help of computers.

Teachers  are being given a electronic comprehensive teaching learning tool (ECTLT) or a digital teacher's diary  by KVS  so as to help them plan what they will teach in the classrooms . It also has a evaluation component which maintains a complete record of the teachers as to how and what they have taught or how they have conducted the classes. Moreover, it also records each student's performance which can be accessed by the parents as well.